Minerals Processing Technologies

MPTEQ provides specialised processing equipment to the minerals processing industry. The range of equipment offered includes Filter Presses and complete turnkey filter press plants, High Rate Thickeners, Flocculant Plants, Attrition Scrubbers, Log Washers, Solvent Extraction, Gold Elution Plants, Dissolved Air Flotation, rapid Leach systems, and water treatment plants.

All our thickeners and equipment designs are certified and signed off by a registered professional engineer as are our design drawings. We specify and install only proven mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation borne out by the fact that our personnel have never had a single failure despite having over fifty thickeners installed globally. See current projects below.

Flocculant Plants

Laboratory Solvent Extraction

Log Washers


MPTEQ is a Level 2, BEE company!!!!

Busy with the following projects during June 2024: - Upgrade of a 30-meter diameter C80B2P Eimco Thickener. Replacing the primary and secondary worm gearboxes with electric motor drives that are hard to find parts for with planetary gearboxes with hydraulic drives. The new hydraulic power pack will measure the drive torque and control the rake lift. The rake lift was not working. - A new two-cell one cubic meter per cell attrition scrubber for an Andalusite mine, near Burgersfort. The cells will have VSDs on each drive to fine-tune the power input for optimal surface cleaning. - Replacement rakes for a 21-meter diameter thickener we supplied years ago on a Chrome smelter near Rustenburg. - Upgrade to a filter press plant on a Coal mine, near Delmas. We are fitting two new Alpha feed pumps from Matac as well as modifying the filter press operation and control philosophy. The objective is to drastically improve production and reliability. We will update after commissioning. We fitted these pumps to a filter plant we built for Boulder Processing in Steelpoort last year. They perform very well.

A client purchased a second-hand 15-meter diameter thickener from a Gold mine and installed it on a new Coal wash plant near Kreil, unfortunately, it was not installed with all the rake mechanism components, and it broke the drive mechanism, causing the plant to be unable to operate. This was a bit of a crisis with commitments to customers and trains booked. MPTEQ manufactured and commissioned a new torque tube, a full set of rakes, a cone scraper, and a new drive gearbox in two and a half weeks. A new record for us, time-wise.

MPTEQ is currently operating the tailings thickener, flocculant plant, and filter press plant that they supplied and installed at Canyon Coal’s Khanye Colliery near Bronkhorstspruit.
We have been running the Thickener, Flocculant plant, and Filter Press plant since August 2019, 24/7. It is the best way to fully understand your equipment, operate it!!! With a few tweaks, we have managed to increase the capacity from a design of 21 tons per hour to over 30 tons per hour. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss MPTEQ operating your filter plant!